Baby Adam | Indianapolis Newborn Session


In April, I met with Sami for a film newborn session to celebrate the arrival of her newest baby, Adam. While her oldest napped peacefully close by, we spent the afternoon allowing her to soak up all of the newborn snuggles! Motherhood can be chaotic and all consuming–even more so with a toddler who needs Mama’s attention too. But in between the moments of chaos, there’s grace upon grace, and tender memories that I set out to capture.

The afternoon light poured into the windows, giving us the perfect glow. We talked about motherhood with two little ones while Adam cooed and nursed and slept. Sami is incredibly patient and calm in her approach to motherhood. She has such an endearing connection to her boys and it was amazing to witness!

You can view more of this session featured over on The Fount Collective here!

If you are interested in learning more or booking for your newborn session, send me a note! I would love to hear from you!

Mom and baby

Mom and baby

Mom with newborn

Mom holding newborn

Mom holding baby

Newborn baby

Mom rocking newborn

Mom holding baby

Mother holding newborn baby

Mom holding baby


Film developed and scanned by Photovision


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